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Create Questions

With our user friendly interface, you can now create a survey within just a few minutes.
Based on your survey objective, choose from a range of question formats - Here are the types of questions you can use are multiple choice questions, open text questions, Net Promoter Score (NPS) ® or even a combination of multiple choice and free text questions. You can also include screening questions, which can help you in targeting specific respondents. You can also use one of our survey templates and customize the survey to your needs.

Step 02

Target relevant respondents

To get the most accurate results, you can target your respondents based on
four parameters - Gender, Age, Location and Device price. The device price can be used as an indication of the lifestyle of the respondent.

Step 03

Get results in 30 minutes

We are the fastest survey tool around. Once the survey is launched, the results will start emerging within a span of 15-30 minutes. The visual dashboard allows for results to be filtered based on the targeting parameters chosen.

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& Ad agencies

Both, brands and Ad agencies require consumer insights prior to creating a brand or starting a new campaign. Consumer insights could be in the form of customer preferences, competition mapping, brand recall, ad-recall or category recall.

Ambi Parameshwaran Advisor, FCB Ulka Advertising

In this digitally powered nanosecond world we live in, GetInsights is a great way of keeping one’s finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing Indian consumer. I see great many opportunities for products, services, media and even not-for-profit organizations to tap into the rich potential of this new consumer tracking tool


What if you could ask potential customers about your product, new feature or idea? Would that not help you make better decisions? Create a survey to validate your startup idea and gain actionable insights into topics such as pricing, target demographics and messaging.

Krishna Patil Co-founder -

The Airloyal team is just not there to sell some-kind of canned solution to you. They first give you a chance to use their basic service for free. Thus these helped me to understand that their platform will be useful to my startup and also the people who took part in the survey are genuine.
As and when the people were completing the survey, the results were available in real-time in a simple, structured and visual format which were also shareable with others just through a link.

Digital marketers

Want to gauge public opinion on a trending topic? Writing a story or have an hypothesis with insufficient data? Understand public opinion and get instant insights from direct consumers to help validate your story and hypothesis.

Bhavana Independent Journalist.

The best part about Getinsights is it's quickness of results. Being a journalist, it is essential to gather insights about an issue or a trending topic from a huge number of people, quickly. Getinsights provides you with a tool to do just that! All you have to do create a set of questions and launch it. You start getting responses from people immediately. Running after people and gathering their opinion is no more an issue for us. We have Getinsights to do that for us

app developers

App retention is the biggest challenge for app developers. With our tool, users can submit feedback seamlessly within your own app. This real time survey tool can help get feedback on their current experience as well request inputs on features/functionality that users would love to have in the app.

Vishnu Sakkaravarthy Founder, x-value

It's always better to get feedback about your app directly from the customer. Getinsights helped me do that! I have already used Ladooo before to advertise my app but it was only very recently that I used their new feature 'in-App' survey to get feedback from my app's users! It's a brilliant tool that helped me understand my customers likes and dislikes about the app thereby helping me serve them better

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