There are ofcourse, frequently commonly asked questions. Check frequently asked questions on every domain below.


How does GetInsights work?

We have a unique panel of 11 million consumers available across the globe. We engage them regularly through our mobile apps, our partner apps & chatbots. We understand their smart phone app usage behavior and run frequent surveys to qualify them for consumer research. We give them relatable instant rewards like free mobile data, prepaid reload, e-commerce cash etc for completing surveys and sharing their usage data with us & our customers.

On the other side, we provide a simple, google-like, interface to brands – where they can ask any question (surveys) to specific group of consumers and get results within a few minutes.

Simple. Brands get transparent, instant answers from real consumers to help them make solid decisions. Consumers help brands with their usage data and opinions and get instant rewards they love. It works like magic.

What is GetInsights?

GetInsights is a consumer insights platform that helps in garnering instant insights and feedback; this includes validation of ideas, concepts or understanding usage & behavior of consumers. With speed as an advantage, GetInsights helps in targeting the right people for your survey by key demographics such as age, gender, location and price of the device used.

How is it different from Survey Monkey?

In GetInsights, we not only provide you with a tool to create surveys, but also send your survey to our panel of 11 million users who will respond to your surveys immediately. You would not have to worry about collecting responses to your survey. We also provide real time consolidated results and a visual dashboard for your results with filtering options.

What are some example-surveys that are being run on this platform?

  • FMCG companies run surveys to understand consumer needs and current perceptions.
  • Market research companies use it to carry out several consumer behavior studies.
  • Mobile app companies run surveys to understand the most important features their customers want.
  • Advertising agencies run surveys to validate their ideas before pitching to their clients.
  • News anchors, journalists and market researchers use it to run surveys to understand the pulse of the population about their topic of interest.

Who uses GetInsights?

GetInsights is used by brands, ad agencies, app marketers, journalists, market researchers & digital marketers. They use it as a tool to understand the market, keep a tab on their competitors, and understand consumer preferences before starting a new initiative or develop/improve an existing one. Brands such as Google, Flipkart, Loreal, Unilever, Kellogg regularly use our platform.

Survey Creation

What types of questions can I ask?

In the Free plan, you can choose from the following question types:
  • Multiple choice, single select
  • Multiple choice, multi select
  • Open text
  • A combination of Multiple choice and open text
  • Net Promoter Score ®
  • Screening questions

However, in the Premium plan, you can easily create complex survey logic with branching, piping, cross tabs with complete scripting capabilities.

How many questions can I ask in a survey?

Free Plan:

In a single survey, you can ask up to 5 questions (multiple-choice or open text), excluding the screening questions. You may ask a maximum of 2 screening questions. There are no limits on the number of surveys you can run. Here are some best practices for creating a survey on Getinsights.
You can get responses from 20 real consumers for each of your surveys.

Premium Plan:

You can create unlimited surveys with any number of questions. We strongly recommend keeping the number of questions to be less than 20. This will ensure quality responses.

Can I edit a survey once it is live?

It is not possible to edit a survey once it is live. As an alternative, you can pause the current survey, duplicate it from the "My Surveys" page, make the necessary changes and launch it afresh. Please note: This will be treated as a separate survey.

Can I preview my survey before launching?

Yes. Once you’ve created your survey and selected your targeting parameters, you can preview the questions in your survey before launching it.

Can creating a survey be paused halfway and finished later?

Yes. Once you start creating a survey, a draft version of your survey will be saved under ‘My Surveys’ in your page. You can come back to your survey any time and finish it later.

What if I have never created a survey before?

Not to worry. We have a set of experts who can guide you in setting up a survey for you. You can also use one of our survey templates and customize it to your needs.

Can I duplicate existing surveys?

Yes. You can. On the ‘My Survey’ page, for each survey that you have created, you will have the option of either deleting or duplicating the survey

How many surveys can I run in a month?

You can run as many as you want. There is no limit.

Can I include a video in the survey question?


Can I include an image in the survey question?



How much does it cost to run a survey?

Free Plan

You can create unlimited surveys and get responses from 20 real consumers for each survey. This is totally free.

Premium Plan

Please share your objective with our Insights analyst and we will share you with you a custom price as per your requirements. 90% of our customers believe that our Premium plans offer them a significant value for money compared with other options.

What do the respondents get in return for answering my survey questions?

The respondents receive rewards which can be used to top-up prepaid mobile or buy data packs or Paypal / PayTM vouchers or DTH recharge.


Who are the users who will respond to my survey questions?

The 11M mobile app users who are part of our pre-qualified panel will respond to your survey. These are users between the age group 15 to 45 from across the world. You can choose to reach only a small set of these users based on accurate demographic targeting. For example you could target your survey to youth below 25 in metro cities who use affordable smart phone

Can I target my survey to a specific type of users?

Yes, you can target your survey to a specific set of users based on age, gender, location and device price/type. You can also include a maximum of 4 screening questions, which can help you in screening out respondents, thereby ensuring more targeted results.

How can I be a part of the panel? / How can I start answering surveys?

You need to download our Ladooo App from Google Playstore, fill in your profile details and take the qualification quiz. If you pass the qualification test, you will become a part of the panel and you can start answering surveys. You can also join our Express-O chatbot on Facebook.

How can we trust that your panel members are giving genuine and honest responses?

We provide high quality responses by ensuring that –

  • Respondents are recruited after undergoing rigorous psychometric tests.
  • Respondents are reviewed regularly and psychometric tests are conducted on a regular basis to weed out undesirable respondents

Can I target my survey to a specific type of users?

Yes, you can target your survey to a specific set of users based on age, gender, location and device price/type. You can also include a maximum of 4 screening questions, which can help you in screening out respondents, thereby ensuring more targeted results.

How will these users come to know about my survey?

Based on the selected targeting for your survey, relevant users get a notification on the mobile app. They have a choice to then complete the survey from within the app.

Is there a limit on the maximum number of respondents for a survey?

Free Plan:

Yes, it is 20.

Premium Plan:

No, it is based on your preference. You can choose to get the survey done from 100 users to 1M users.

Can I share the survey with my own panel ?

Yes, you can generate a link to the suvey using the share buttons at the bottom of the visual dashboard, once you have created your survey. You can then share this link to your private panel, friends, collegues etc. They will be able to answer the survey in their mobile or desktop browser.
Please feel free to contact us to know more about this feature.


How do I know that the answers to my surveys are not computer generated?

We include dummy responses for each question along with the regular responses to ensure that it’s a human who is answering your question. The dummy responses also ensure that the panel members read the responses properly before answering instead of randomly choosing a response.

Will others be able to see my Survey Results?

Your survey results are confidential. It will be accessible only to you and with the people you share the results with. Please note: If you are using the free plan, we may showcase some of your results for promotional purposes.

Where can I find the results of my survey?

Your survey results will become available instantly through a visual dashboard on your page, in our website. You may also download a csv file of the raw data of your survey.

How long does it take to get the results?

Once your survey is reviewed and made live, you can see your responses coming in real time. Within 15 to 30 minutes you can see the results on a visual dashboard.

Is it possible to share the survey results with friends and colleagues? How do I do that?

Yes. You share your survey results through email or social channels. You have a sharing option at the bottom of your visual dashboard.