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01  Startup

Are you working on a product which can become a huge hit among users?

The creators of a new fashion app, specially designed for IT employees, want to check the viability of the idea before pitching it to a VC. They launch an idea validation survey to 100 users from the IT Industry.

Approximate cost will be
Rs. 15,000.
Approximate cost will be

Conduct market research about your existing product!

A popular health drink brand wants to understand the product usage of SEC A1, teenage and female users based out of Assam before their new marketing campaign. They launch a market research survey to 500 users belonging to the said demography to test their campaign.

Approximate cost will be
Rs. 1,00,000.
Approximate cost will be

Target any group of audience based on their location, age, gender, SEC from a panel of 10m smartphone users and Launch your survey!

Start seeing results!

Important features

Screening Questions

This feature helps you screen out respondents who don’t meet your criteria. Only those respondents who clear the screening criteria will be shown the main survey.

Survey Templates

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry. We have some commonly used and tested market research survey templates to help you get started!

Including your contacts

When launching a survey to our panel of 10 million Indian smartphone users, you can also request your friends, colleagues and email contacts to respond to your surveys, by sending them link to the survey.